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"Miss Robyn and her lovely staff are nothing but brilliant at what they do.  Coming from an education background myself, I know how rare it is to truly possess that spectacular and mysterious quality that draws all children to you and makes them hang on your every word.  Miss Robyn embodies all of those things perfectly.  Both of my children have enjoyed Kindermusik with Miss Robyn since 4 months of age.  After nearly four years, they are still excited to go each week, as am I!  Miss Robyn and her team have become good friends of mine and I have met many moms in her classes that have become friends as well.  It is a warm and comfortable place to learn, share, and interact, for both children and grown-ups alike."  
~Ashley Harris (mommy of the darling duo, big sis Charlotte & little sis Caroline)

"We love kindermusik because we get to sing, dance and play with our babies! It's special mommy-baby time that we look forward to every week!
Friendships we've made here will last a lifetime
We've made special memories at kindermusik. There is nothing more elating than hearing your baby giggle with pure delight while you're dancing and singing with them!"
~Allison Simms & Gillian Roberts (sisters who attend class together with their rocking little buds, Henry & Gavin)

"Our daughter enjoyed every Kindermusik class with Miss Robyn and was very well prepared to start piano lessons when she “graduated” from Kindermusik. Robyn’s love of children, enthusiasm and musical gifting make her a wonderful teacher for this hands-on, energetic and comprehensive music programm. Experimenting with different types of instruments and learning songs from other cultures makes for a unique musical learning experience and Robyn Pearce is the  talented teacher who pulls it all together and makes learning music fun!"

 ~Hazel Churchill (Mother of a graduate of "Young Child"--who is now excelling in private lessons!)

"Miss Robyn is amazing - makes the class fun, comfortable, and informative. My little guy loves the music and socializing with the other babies in the class!"
 ~Lesley Rogers (Mother of an adorable up and coming "Our Time" baby)

"My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed our Kindermusik experience.  I know that my friends with little ones would love the program as well. Miss Robyn was by far the most important reason that I would recommend this program to a friend - she was fantastic!"  
~Mandy Hayward (Mother of an angelic "Village" baby)

"My son enjoys the program immensely. He asks for the CD in the car all the time and we read the books together because he enjoys making the noises or singing along, depending on the book. I've gotten some good ideas about activities we can do together from the parent book as well, even though I don't always get a chance to try them all in the set time frame. I would recommend this program, and our teacher Miss Robyn, to anyone!" 
~Vicki MacDonald ("Mother of an energetic and imaginative "Imagine That" boy)  

"Miss Robyn's "Our Time" class has really helped my shy child open up."
~mother of a shy & sensitive child in "Our Time"

"Kindermusik provides young children with the opportunity to experience music through a large variety of activities. Children can participate at their own comfort level yet still reap all of the benefits the program has to offer even if they are not confident enough to actively participate. Robyn is fantastic at finding a balance for all of the children - this is such a challenging task with 8 preschoolers at 5:15pm - Fabulous teacher....fabulous program!!!"
  ~Lesley Bourne (Mother of a sweet and humorous "Imagine That" kiddo)   

"The Kindermusik program is wonderful but Miss Robyn makes it exceptional.  She provides a place to not only learn music but grow and develop confidence in a loving environment." ~Caitie Burke (Mom of the terrific trio, Neave, Ceara, and Ned)
"Kindermusik is super fun and I liked how we did cool games. I also liked how we worked together and learned fun stuff." ~Neave Grimes, 8 year old Kindermusik graduate
"Miss Robyn is so nice to all the kids even if you are shy."  Ceara Grimes,  6 year old current Young Child student